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Old Man Word 93: Whippersnapper

There was no reason for me to do whippersnapper. Everyone knows what it means. I tried about forty different ways and none worked. Screw it:

Whippersnapper. n.

1.  A person regarded as insignificant and pretentious.
2. A young person.
3. You.


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Old Man Word 97: Fopdoodle

The first three posts on this site have started off with a little soliloquoy tangentially relevant to the term I’m “defining.” (If you’ve read those posts you’ll get why the quotes are necessary). We doing this one a little different, giving you the definition up front. Here’s the 1828 – yes, you heard it – definition of “fopdoodle,” a word pert’near so perfectly old-manish it must have been invented by God himself (the oldest of old men):

Fopdoodle. n.

1.  An insignificant fellow. [Vulgar and not used.]

1828 Definition of a Fopdoodle

I have to be honest with this one. Even amongst the large-diapers set, “fopdoodle” is pretty quaint. It hasn’t been removed from the dictionary – so some old mother must use the term – but chaps who say “fopdoodle” are dandies. Swells. Persnickety snoots too big for their urine-soaked britches. Uppity fops.

Wait a cotton-pickin’ minit…

I actually typed that without realizing the connection (I never claimed to be an etymologist, back off).  I did me a little researching and it looks like fopdoodle is a derivation of the word “fop.”  Apparently in the time of Shakespeare (King Lear) a fop was “a fool” but the word evolved to mean a ridiculous dresser.  Fop spawned a number of spin-offs including fopling, foppet, foppotee, and Three’s a Fop but fopdoodle, for some reason, retained the original meaning: a fool.

Wow, isn’t that interesting?  (Yawn).

One last note.  Whatever you think of fopdoodle it’s astounding the word was considered “vulgar” in 1828.  Not to sound like – well, like an old man frankly – but damn how the world has changed.  In 1828, calling one a fopdoodle earned you a giant “F” on your pantaloons.  In 2008, snot-assed twelve year olds call their moms “c*nty-biatches” on Dr. Phil because they wanna make money selling their flabby asses.  It’s enough to make one think the elders might be right with their “things used to be better ….” rants.



Back on Monday with more old man words.

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